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Charting the course

The Global Offshore Wind (GOW) conference and exhibition, organised by RenewableUK, is set to take place on June 18th and 19th at Manchester Central. This premier event brings together over 5,000 attendees, more than 260 exhibitors, and over 200 speakers from more than 50 countries, making it a focal point for the offshore wind industry.

This year’s theme, ‘Coming of Age,’ highlights the sector’s maturation and its pivotal role in the global energy transition. The conference aims to foster discussions around cutting- edge technologies, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges. Attendees can expect a rich agenda featuring high-quality content across five main streams.

Floating wind technology

Floating wind technology represents a significant advancement in offshore wind capabilities. Unlike traditional fixed-bottom turbines, floating turbines can be installed in deeper waters, thus unlocking vast new areas for wind energy generation.

This technology offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance the potential for renewable energy generation. It allows access to deeper waters, which are unsuitable for traditional fixed-bottom turbines, thereby unlocking vast areas with strong, consistent winds. Floating wind technology also has a smaller seabed footprint, reducing environmental impacts on marine ecosystems.

Additionally, stronger winds in deeper waters result in higher energy yields, while offshore placement minimises visual impact from the shore. Furthermore, floating wind technology provides greater flexibility in site selection, avoiding conflicts with shipping lanes and fishing areas, and facilitating smoother project approvals. These advantages position floating wind technology as a key component in the future of sustainable energy.

Sessions dedicated to floating wind will explore the latest innovations, deployment strategies, and case studies from leading projects around the world.

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