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Powering the future

If net zero targets are to be met and sustained over the long-term, offshore wind in the UK and Europe must continue to expand. Hitachi Energy is one company that is contributing to this expansion, focusing on technological innovations, infrastructure improvements, and strategic collaborations that are driving the renewable energy transition. PES wanted to hear from Laura Fleming, Country Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, and Alfredo Parres, Head of Renewables, about how the business is leveraging its expertize to support a sustainable energy future.

PES: Thanks for your time today, Laura and Alfredo. Perhaps a good place to begin would be to ask how Hitachi Energy is contributing to the development and expansion of offshore wind projects in the UK?

Laura Fleming: Hitachi Energy’s purpose is ‘advancing a sustainable future for all’. Together with customers and partners, we are committed to scaling up the European energy system to meet net zero targets. We continuously enable the integration of wind into more sustainable, flexible, and secure power systems.

In the UK, we employ over 600 people working across critical infrastructure projects. With a key role in the UK’s energy transition, we are collaborating with our customers, partners and government to deliver key infrastructure to connect renewables projects into the UK’s electricity grid. Hitachi Energy’s technology will be critical to the UK achieving a fully decarbonized electricity system by 2035.

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