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Build up

Being a manufacturer of components for wind turbines puts one in a perfect position to check the pulse, and temperature, of the industry. And, from this vantage point, it’s evident that there are two patterns that are shaping the way we deliver our products and services.

The first trend we explore is the alarming transition to build-to-print from build-to- spec. Remember, wind energy was once a build-to-spec only sector; today, the direction of travel is very much to build-to- print, and it will have long-term implications in that the industry is cultivating a supplier base that can only produce at low cost, and we explain why.

The second trend, which we look at in an insert, is that the race to higher megawatt (MW) turbine capacities is slowing to the point where the industry has realised the wider benefits of consolidating rather than constantly upsizing.

Before all that, let’s examine our credentials to commentate on these

important subjects. The Dellner brand has been synonymous with industrial braking since Dellner Brakes was founded in 1941, but it has been a story of perpetual motion, right up to and beyond the 2021 acquisition of Dellner Hydratech, the Danish supplier of high-end hydraulic systems, cylinders, and accumulators for wind, offshore, and marine applications.

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