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Embracing the winds of change

A familiar operator in the engineering sector, Global Marine Systems Limited has long ploughed its own successful furrow in the world’s oceans and waterways. Today, the company embarks on a return to the power market – and notably, offshore wind – in what promises to be a landmark strategic shift. We spoke to Nicola Broom,… Read more »

Down to the last detail

We’ve interviewed Kari Tuominen, Peikko’s Director, Wind Turbine Foundation Technology, several times before, but we didn’t realise just how much research and development goes into the company’s renowned foundations. Kari talks us through the meticulous process and give us his thoughts on the future… PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit of new readers,… Read more »

Looking at the bigger picture

For Karoliina Joensuu, Global Head of Renewable Energy for Pöyry Hydropower & Renewable Energy, Operational Excellence is a key – and growing – part of the company’s service offering. We spoke to the respected executive about the company’s current focus and discussed where growth is coming from. PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit… Read more »

For best results: add unrivalled expertise

A company founded and run by long-serving industry figureheads, Marten Seifert and Lorenz-Heinrich Carstensen, RECASE offers a pioneering consulting dynamic. We headed to Germany for a wide ranging interview with the respected executives. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the company and tell us a little about how you serve the wind… Read more »

Both eyes on the prize

A focused and ambitious company that boasts an impressive range of specialisms and solutions, SeaRenergy is the preferred partner for many key players in the offshore market. We’re delighted to welcome the company’s Managing Director Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde to the magazine for an in-depth interview. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the… Read more »

We have seen trackers run over by trucks that still work!

A company that specialises in developing tracking sensors for heavy industry and rough environments, Trusted A/S is making waves in the wind industry. Why? A variety or reasons – not least the sheer durability that is perfectly suited to the extreme climate demands of our sector. We spoke to the company’s Rasmus Nørgaard Andersen. PES:… Read more »

Form and function

Tuco Marine Group specialises in manufacturing ocean-going vessels that have light structures and hulls created with composite materials such as carbon fibre. Naturally, the wind industry is a prime market for the Denmark-based company and indeed, it has been going from strength to strength. We spoke to company founder, Jonas Pedersen. PES: Welcome to PES…. Read more »

Full speed ahead

As Director of Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects b.v., Johan van Wijland is a familiar face to many in the industry. He’s also a regular contributor to PES and joins us once again to discuss the company’s latest developments. New vessels? Massive monopiles? The Luchterduinen and Gemini projects? All are covered right here… PES: Welcome… Read more »

Hotel comfort, outstanding capabilities

We have welcomed Vroon Offshore Services B.V. to PES before, as a leading provider of support vessels for the wind industry (and others). But as Niek Spiljard explains in this illuminating interview, the company is committed to taking its offerings to the next level and asserting its place in the market. PES: There is a… Read more »

Innovation is in our DNA

A young company with a fresh, can-do attitude, Zensor offers a ‘one-stop shop for monitoring solutions’ in the wind market. It’s currently creating waves with a raft of new clients, and is also attracting the attention of leading institutions with a major award. We found out what makes the company tick, thanks to a conversation… Read more »

Bright thinking, smart solutions

A company that is firmly focussed on the “many challenges out there to make construction and maintenance in the offshore industry more safe and efficient,” Ztechnologies is an acknowledged, and celebrated, innovator. We spoke to the organisation’s Reinout Prins. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the company and tell us a little… Read more »

Averting catastrophe through ingenuity

Automatic systems for fire detection and suppression in wind turbines are becoming increasingly commonplace. And with good reason – they offer round the clock reliability and comprehensive unsupervised protection. Firetrace is a leader in this burgeoning sector, delivering a modular solution that is trusted worldwide. We spoke with the company’s respected Business Development Manager, Angela… Read more »

Cornering the market

EckPack Service is a company that’s build on innovation. It has developed an ingenious range of packaging solutions for the solar industry, built around a plastic corner that is unlike anything else available. But has it been successful? Definitely, says Technical Sales Manager, Marin Maras. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you care to introduce yourself… Read more »

German engineering, American pioneering and a global mindset: a winning combination

With almost 100 megawatt of storage installations worldwide and more than four gigawatts of qualified orders in the pipeline over the next four years, James P. McDougall, CEO of Younicos, is at the helm of a phenomenally successful organisation. We asked the inspirational American to tell us more about the company, its proven technologies and… Read more »

Hire purpose

An industry is only as good as its people. With wind energy growing and developing at a pace, finding skilled employees is just one of industry’s big challenges. PES speaks to Lars Poslednik of Mensys Group about putting the right people in the right positions. PES: Welcome back to PES. Would you like to acquaint… Read more »

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Although just over a year old, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is already a major player in the wind industry. The company’s parent companies are two of the global leaders in wind power and offshore ventures, while its 8MW turbine is a potential game-changer. We spoke to the company’s Matt Whitby… PES: Welcome to PES. Would… Read more »

Protecting tech

As well as offering an enormous benefit to the global environment, the offshore wind industry faces huge challenges from the local environment in the shape of extremely tough operating conditions. Olaf Borgwardt of novatic talks to us about how his company is helping protect the future of wind power. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you… Read more »

Checking in

As wind farm installations get larger and more remote, the issue of housing and sustaining site workers becomes an increased burden, both in cost and logistics. PES speaks to the CEO of Site Facility, Jakob Heskjær, about how they are overcoming the issue, by bringing the workforce to the work. PES: Welcome back to the… Read more »

Taking the strain

With the Conquest MB1 barge, and a working partnership that brings together an array of skills and a wealth of experience, Conquest Offshore are in a critical position 
to push offshore installation to new depths. PES speaks to Jippes Huibregtse… PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the company and tell us a… Read more »

Working on water

While oil and gas production may not always go hand in hand with the wind industry, shipbuilders like Damen are finding synergy across energy sectors. Peter Robert, Business Development Manager Offshore Wind talks to PES about the company’s latest developments. PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit of new readers, would you care to… Read more »

The boom in offshore

With offshore installations growing in size, scope and depth, the industry needs every advantage that new developments in technology can offer. The High Wind consortium is focusing on just this need. PES speaks to Johan Heiler about their latest innovation… PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the company and tell us a… Read more »

Embracing a new outlook on blade maintenance

Founded in 2010, Bladefence offers sophisticated methods of maximising the performance and endurance of wind turbine blades. The Finnish company is committed to changing the common practice of reactive and expensive wind turbine blade repairs towards shared risks, preventive maintenance and fixed fees. It’s an endeavour that is beginning to reap rewards argues the company’s… Read more »

Terminal velocity

Buss-Offshore is becoming increasingly-known for handling large offshore projects via its Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven. We take a look at the strategic port and speak to Moritz Christern, Project Manager Offshore Logistics. Up to three jack-up vessels are jacking up at the same time at the Orange Blue Terminal (OBT) in Eemshaven these days…. Read more »

Listening, learning, leading

Edwards, a leading technology solution provider, is well known in the solar industry for its advanced manufacturing process technology. We headed to the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom for an illuminating conversation with Ralph Loske, Edwards’ European Sales Director. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like 
to introduce the company and explain 
a little… Read more »

Testing times

It’s true that the dropping cost of production, as well as technological advances are at the heart of growth in solar. But to continue this growth the industry must measure, as well as maintain standards. PES speaks to Stefan Roest of Eternal Sun BV about how they are putting solar to the test. PES: Welcome… Read more »

Building a reputation on quality and trust

An innovative and resourceful company that already excels in the automotive industry by supplying quality assured fasteners, Fukung Hardware is set on making gains in solar. We spoke to the organisation’s Candice Hwang to find out more. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to introduce the company and explain a little about you serve… Read more »

A measure of success

Dirk Tegtmeyer is a regular contributor to PES, and his valued input acts as a bellweather for the health of Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH and the PV industry at large. We caught up with the German executive once again for another exclusive interview. PES: Welcome back to the magazine. How has business been since… Read more »

Material matters

As the PV market grows, it is inevitable that the industry will attract manufacturers who can bring valuable knowledge from other sectors. PES speaks to Dr. Thomas Kietzke of Merck Performance Materials to find out how they are helping to develop and improve solar power. PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit of new… Read more »

A world of opportunities

Having been established for over 30 years, meteocontrol GmbH will be a familiar company with services that will be similarly familiar for many within the industry. It is also a regular contributor to PES and we have been able to interview many of its executives over the years. This issue is no different, and we… Read more »

The Dawn Of Pvs New Era

As President of SOLARUNITED, Eric Ast is a busy man. And also being Global Business Development Manager Photovoltaics at Multi-Contact, makes him an even busier man. We managed to grab five minutes with the respected industry pioneer to ask him about the company and its current aspirations. PES: Welcome back to PES. How has business… Read more »

We put all our heart into this work

The temptation, for any R&D driven company, is to occasionally cut back on the expenses and focus on income-generating services. But to do so in today’s accelerating market would be a backwards step, argues Klaus M. Schulte, Managing Director of respected industry PV-Engineering GmbH. We’re delighted to welcome him back to the magazine. PES: Welcome… Read more »

Up to code

Significant changes to the NEC 2014 will require system owners and developers to make new considerations in their PV design and deployment. PES speaks to Natalie Holtgrefe, Head of Marketing at Solectria about how their products are providing the solution for the new specification. PES: Welcome to the magazine. Would you like to introduce the… Read more »

Shedding Light On Solars Uncertainties

We’re delighted to welcome back Vaisala to the magazine, a company that – primarily through its 3TIER Services offering – sets the global agenda for on-site measurements and solar resource modelling. We spoke to the one of the company’s most-respected experts, Gwendalyn Bender. PES: Welcome to PES. For the benefit of our new readers, perhaps… Read more »

Racing ahead in the solar market

As perhaps one of the world’s best known and biggest solar brands, Yingli Solar has set an agenda built on quality and changing the perception of the industry. We spoke to Angie Koh, Managing Director Yingli Green Energy Singapore Company Pte. Limited. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you care to introduce yourself to our readers… Read more »

Delivering a brighter future!

It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s population will exceed nine billion. All these people will need access to sustainable sources of energy, materials, and food. To provide the amount of energy required, we will have little choice but to drastically increase the amount of renewable energy we generate. The Netherlands-based multinational Royal DSM… Read more »

Shedding light on the subsea sector

While it might not come as a surprise to learn that ROVOP provides ROV services to the wind industry, the breadth of its experience in this arena and its commitment to fostering future expertise is a welcome disclosure. We headed to Aberdeen to grab a few minutes with the company’s Commercial Director, Moray Melhuish. PES:… Read more »