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Ensuring optimised control of a thin film..

The Grenzebach group is a global PV player with production facilities in Germany, the USA and China. Its staff of 1500 designs, manufactures and delivers fabrication lines and components for the production and processing of flat glass and thin film photovoltaic modules. The company is also a specialist in equipment for display glass production. Here,… Read more »

Challenges and solutions for recruitment and training ..

Despite the current economic gloom, the green energy sector is looking towards a future of exponential growth. But how can we capitalise on this, if we can’t attract the necessary workforce?Tens of thousands of new jobs are expected to be created across Europe by the expansion of wind farms alone.   {pagebreak}  Indeed, Lord Hunt,… Read more »

Actively pursuing further European growth

A leading manufacturer of high-performance solar cells, JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the industry’s leading lights. The company sells its products to solar manufacturers worldwide, who assemble and integrate solar cells into modules and systems that convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. PES spoke to Ming Yang,… Read more »

Innovative, powerful, different

Transiting the Northeast-Passage, applying a towing kite system, utilising the shark skin effect – three different topics, one common interface: Beluga Shipping GmbH, the project and heavy lift carrier known for great innovative spirit and the philosophy to go off the beaten tracks of commercial shipping.   {pagebreak} Three Beluga vessels are the first to… Read more »

Culture and emotion defeat strategy ..

Luvata is a world-leader in metal fabrication, component manufacturing and related engineering and design services. The now-global company prides itself on its ability to partner its customers – through its Partnerships Beyond Metals philosophy – to help them increase their competitiveness. PES spoke to Justin Roux, Senior Vice-President of Communications, about the company and its… Read more »

Transport For Aulepa Wind Park A Case Study

Finnish heavy haulage and project forwarding company Silvasti Ltd. specialises in wind turbine projects in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. The company provides total logistics solutions for the most challenging installations, and in 2008, received a major contract to deliver 13 x 3 MW wind turbines to Aulepa Wind Park, on the west coast… Read more »

Production cost challenges: the ..

ABB is a market leader in power and automation technologies, enabling utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 120,000 people. {pagebreak} ABB robots for solar cell and solar module production ABB uses all the latest technology to… Read more »

Improve your bottom line with Mobil SHC 500 series

The global energy marketplace remains increasingly competitive and customers are striving hard to increase their productivity. Considering this pressure, they are continuing to seek out innovative means to reduce energy consumption as one method to remain competitive. {pagebreak} To satisfy this demand Mobil Industrial Lubricants is clearly identifying those lubricants of its portfolio that demonstrate… Read more »

Driving technology in the PV industry

Flanked by wind and solar thermal energy, photovoltaic is the source to give developing regions access to clean energy. In order to compete with traditional and new energy sources, the photovoltaic industry follows one goal – cost reduction. To address this need, the Meyer Burger Technology Group has come up with a whole range of… Read more »

Bolting failure-free technology on to the..

Intellifast GmbH is a leading name in the ultrasonic load measurement business, launching on to the market in 1997 with a focus on the world biggest bolt consumers – the car industry. Here, Managing Director Frank Scheuch talks to PES about the company, its expansion into the wind industry, and his vision for its future.Intellifast… Read more »

Setting trends in solar module production

Black Forest-based Robert Bürkle GmbH succeeded in making a breakthrough in solar module production with its Ypsator, the world’s first and largest multi-opening laminator. Here Managing Director, Ralf Spindler, tells us about the company and its ambitious plans for the future. {pagebreak} With the Ypsator, Robert Bürkle GmbH succeeded in making a breakthrough in solar… Read more »

My vision

Matias Setälä, Director of Silvasti Logistics, talks to PES about his personal ambitions and puts forward his thoughts about a brighter renewables industry.How did you come to be involved in the renewables industry?Some years ago our company was asked to participate in a tender for wind turbine project transports – that was the first time… Read more »

Reflections on a rapidly-developing ..

There are very few industries that have grown as quickly as the photovoltaic industry over the last 10 years. Its image as a fancy technology is long gone and it is now on the way to becoming one of the 21st century’s sources of energy. Lapp Group’s Michael Collet explains… {pagebreak}  The industry has not… Read more »

Wind power is key to future of EC electricity generation

TradeWind – the European project funded under the EU’s Intelligent Energy-Europe programme – has recently published an essential 100-page paper on the state of the European wind power industry. In this exclusive extract from the comprehensive, hard-hitting report, PES picks out all the important and salient issues facing us all as we move into an… Read more »

local production is Key to meeting demand….

Alternative energy resources continue to be high in demand, and the photovoltaic industry is still leading the field. In order to ensure availability and short lead times, Swiss based PV connector specialist Multi-Contact largely increased their global manufacturing capacities and invested in state-of-the-art production facilities. {pagebreak}  In 1996, Multi-Contact pioneered with the introduction of the… Read more »

Six key lessons for offshore grid connections

pes presents half a dozen lessons, which if heeded in future offshore projects, together with the other parts of the offshore wind ecosystem, we can make for smoother, quicker, and cheaper installations and ultimately, better windfarms for the production of clean energy. {pagebreak} Over the years we have all heard much about the potential of… Read more »

Manufacturing Execution Systems are vital ..

Prediktor is a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) company with its HQ in Norway and subsidiaries in Singapore, Germany and China. Prediktor is partnering with the PV industry to optimise manufacturing processes and reduce the cost of solar power. The Prediktor Solar Manufacturing Execution System helps realise a plant’s full potential, based on in-depth solar industry… Read more »

Water is our element. Shipping is our business

 PES meets Niels Stolberg, President and CEO of Beluga Shipping GmbH, the world’s market leader in the project- and heavylift sector, and discovers that the US wind industry is a highly important and burgeoning market segment for the company. PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Firstly, can you give us a basic overview of Beluga Shipping… Read more »

Automating Solar Manufacturing ..

Automating Solar Manufacturing: Taking Advantage of Lessons Learned Solar Energy and Grid Parity There’s no doubt that the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry is hot. According to Solarbuzz, LLC an international solar energy research and consulting company, world solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations reached a record high of 2,826 megawatts (MW) in 2007, representing a growth… Read more »

Dedicated to carrying wind turbine components

Gerhard Janssen, General Manager Marketing & Sales for global shipping group, Rickmers-Linie, talks to PES about his company’s proud heritage and its turbine carriage solutions. PES: Welcome to PES. Firstly, can you tell us a little about the history of your company? {pagebreak} Gerhard Janssen: Rickmers-Linie’s roots date back to the year 1834, when Rickmer… Read more »

Wind And Solar In The Carbon Market ..

WIND AND SOLAR IN THE CARBON MARKET – CURRENT STATUS AND OUTLOOK During the first two weeks of December 2008, Poznan, Poland’s fifth largest city, hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the 14th session of the Conference of Parties (COP 14) to the United Nation Framework Convention on Client Change (UNFCCC). {pagebreak} The negotiations… Read more »

Powering ahead in bespoke shipping solutions

Jens Meilvang of BBC Chartering tells PES how his firm has managed to carve a niche as one of the world’s leading wind turbine shipping providers. Almost since its launch, BBC Chartering has made a name for itself as a global leader in providing bespoke shipping solutions for equipment required in the generation of energy… Read more »

The Mediterranean Solar Plan A Necessity

The Mediterranean Solar Plan – a necessity, not an option Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, makes an impassioned plea for the diversification of solar initiatives in Europe. {pagebreak} When Russia cut gas supplies to Ukraine in 2006, European supplies were not seriously affected. When it did so this year,… Read more »

Danvest Wind Diesel Systems ..

Danvest Wind Diesel Systems for off-Grid power supply Words: Soren Qvist Vestesen, DANVEST Energy A/S With reference to my earlier PES articles from last year, I would like to follow up by discussing a long-term remote adjustment and operation at a commercial wind diesel plant. {pagebreak} Wind power is the cleanest and cheapest energy to… Read more »

The critical role of gas and chemical suppliers in PV cell manufacture

Gases and chemicals contribute a significant part of the bill of materials for PV cells, and as the industry grows, material suppliers will face a number of key challenges to meet demand. Kaytie Lilley of Linde Electronics offers PES an illuminating view of the sector.   The production of photovoltaic (PV) electricity has doubled every… Read more »

My vision

In this enlightening interview, Jens Meilvang, Executive Officer Wind Power Division for BBC Chartering, puts forward his personal take on the current state of the industry and looks to the future…  PES: How did you come to be involved in the transportation of renewable industry products? {pagebreak} Jens Meilvang: It all started with a management… Read more »

Copenhagen must build the road

Copenhagen must build the road to a sustainable global energy future In February, Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner responsible for the environment, delivered an address to EU Sustainable Energy Week 2009, in which he impressed upon delegates the importance of the imminent Copenhagen United Climate Agreement {pagebreak} – described as: “the world’s last chance to bring… Read more »

Wind Power In Europe: A Look To The Future

Energy Watch Group – an international network of scientists and parliamentarians – has produced a study on the growth, past forecasts and future prospects of wind energy. In this exclusive extract, Dr Rechsteiner focuses on the sector’s cumulative capacity forecasts for Europe… {pagebreak} Cumulative capacity forecasts and reality: Europe [INSERT FIGURE ONE – GRAPH, PAGE… Read more »

European BIPV projects grow ..

European BIPV projects grow – but legislation is still urgently needed A recent report has shown that the European Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) market in last year was estimated at €143 million with a total installed capacity of 25.7 MW for the commercial, residential, industrial and public markets combined. {pagebreak} Currently, there is substantial amount… Read more »

Evaluating A Supply Chains Carbon Footprint

Carbon-to-ServeTM methodology has been developed to generate an end to end supply chain view of the carbon intensity and cost of products of products as they move from source to production. Professor Alan Braithwaite recently presented a paper on the subject to The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Logistic Research Network Conference. This is… Read more »

How clean is solar?

In the race to produce the cleanest and most efficient forms of renewable energy, a vital point is often overlooked – that the renewables themselves need to become a lot more renewable. This theme emerged at a recent Energy Conference in London, with delegates hearing that the most advanced “renewable” technologies are too often based… Read more »

More energy from optimised Permanent Magnet ..

More energy from optimised Permanent Magnet Generator and full-power converter drive train package The Switch, a Finland-based technology company, has been raising the standard for increased energy production from wind with its special drive train that utilises an optimised Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and full-power converter package. {pagebreak} By selecting this technology as its chosen… Read more »

Only by anticipating our customers’ demands ..

A world-renowned manufacturer within the PV industry, Bruker-Spaleck has built its business upon innovation and diversification. Heinrich Schillings talks to PES about the past, present and future of the company.  {pagebreak} PES: Bruker-Spaleck is well-known for its manufacture of flat wires which are used in a variety of applications. Can you tell us something of… Read more »

Melting Markets, Melting Ice Caps

Are the current targets for cutting carbon emissions realistic or setting us up for a fall? Dr Thomas R. Schneider, member of the IEEE, a professional association for the advancement of technology, investigates. {pagebreak} Carbon targets While the European Commission has been working to allocate member countries with their own specific targets by 2012, the… Read more »

Wind at work

It seems you can hardly open a newspaper or turn on the television these days without hearing about the latest disaster linked to the economic crisis. Everywhere jobs are being shed, money lost, sectors that once boomed shrivelling up. {pagebreak} Yet amidst the doom and gloom the latest report from the European Wind Energy Association… Read more »

Going back to basics for massive gains in speed ..

Going back to basics for massive gains in speed and yield A company built on simple solutions to complex issues, Eurotron offers a complete solution for the photovoltaic module manufacturing process for backside contact cells. They’ve developed a flexible production line which can adapt to your customised production needs, and in doing so, have pioneered… Read more »