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Reaping the rewards of teamwork

A vertically-integrated manufacturer of ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules and custom-designed solar power applications, Canadian Solar delivers solar power products of uncompromising quality to customers worldwide. We talk to President Gregory E. Spanoudakis about the firm’s meteoric rise and its plans for future expansion.


 PES: Welcome to PES. Can you explain a little about the history of the company and what you offer the photovoltaic industry?

Gregory E. Spanoudakis: Canadian Solar Inc was established in October 2001 in Toronto, Canada, with a focus on engineering application products which were initially geared towards the automotive industry. Having one of the automotive industry’s largest manufacturers as our first client with an engineered-specific product and solution specifically developed for them was a springboard towards the development of other industry-specific engineered products for various clients. This led to the design and manufacturing of solar modules in various different configurations. At present we offer a very wide range of products from 1 watt to 300 watt and various sizes and silicon types. 2006 saw Canadian Solar successfully become listed on the NASDAQ as CSIQ.

 PES: Canadian Solar is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry – to what do you attribute your astonishing success?

GS: A lot of hard work by a very dedicated team of professionals who are committed to excellence and customer service. Every team member contributes in their own way and collectively we are able to meet the expectations of our customers. It really is all about teamwork and a very strong desire to make a difference and win. Remember that there is no ‘I’ in ‘we’.

 PES: Can you outline a few of the benefits of your e-Modules?

GS: Economical product offering: the best performance-to-price ratio

e-Modules shorten the period of ROI (return on investment). Environmentally-friendly production: environmentally friendly production brings customers non-toxic choice without potential environmental and legal risks.

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