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Driving technology in the PV industry

Flanked by wind and solar thermal energy, photovoltaic is the source to give developing regions access to clean energy. In order to compete with traditional and new energy sources, the photovoltaic industry follows one goal – cost reduction. To address this need, the Meyer Burger Technology Group has come up with a whole range of systems and solutions to slash production costs in wafer manufacturing.


Meyer Burger is a leading supplier of high-tech slicing and automation systems for wafer production, and of measuring and handling systems for cell production. The machines, competences and technologies of the different companies in the group are used in the solar industry (photovoltaics), semi-conductor and optical industries.

The thinnest wafers, made from silicon, sapphire or other crystals are required in these three markets to manufacture solar modules, switching circuits or high-performance LEDs. The group’s core competences are made up of a whole range of production processes, machines and systems that are used within the value chain in the manufacture of high quality wafers. This comprehensive range of products is complemented by a worldwide service network with wear and tear parts, consumables, re-grooving service, process know-how, servicing, after-sales service, training and other services. As a globally active company, the group is represented in Europe, Asia and North America in the respective key markets.

 Comprehensive wafering solutions at best cost and performance

Meyer Burger expanded its core skills in wafer and solar cell manufacturing with essential technology assets. By pooling skills and using synergies, the technology group puts a high level of technological expertise, process knowledge and engineering at the disposal of the solar industry. Today, Meyer Burger offers a comprehensive solution from ingot to wafer. Fully integrated and automated systems, tailored to the customer’s needs, offer best cost and performance in wafer manufacturing. The core competencies of the group include:


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