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Flexibility on demand

PES once again had the pleasure of speaking with Hans Gatzemeier, CEO of ELA Container Offshore, Germany. This is a company where being successful means providing the highest quality goods and service and where the need of the client is paramount. This is the first of serval interviews we look forward to this year with Hans.

PES: Hello Hans, we’re happy to have you back and looking forward have some new insights into to ELA Container Offshore’s containerised offshore accommodation. We know this will be of great interest to our readers.

Hans Gatzemeier: Thank you very much, the pleasure is all mine. I always enjoy talking about this market and sharing experiences and insights with our peers. I have been living and breathing containerised accommodation for the last 28 years, so I have been through a couple of cycles in our market and gained my experiences first hand.

PES: That’s good to hear, particularly as we would like to ask your views on what is important to being successful in the offshore container business?

HG: Being successful is a combination of endless factors, but I believe that product excellence and equipment, which is fit for purpose, combined with reliability, high responsiveness and excellent customer service are key factors in achieving success.

PES: Could you please elaborate on that?

HG: If we focus, for example, on product excellence and equipment, which is fit for purpose. If I supply equipment under the ELA Container Offshore brand and attach my name to it as well, it needs to be a product that I am personally proud of. It is of paramount importance to me that the equipment we put out into the market, not only meets and exceeds my personal standards and expectations, but particularly those of my customers.

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