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Manufacturing power electronics in Switzerland for more than 30 years

From its beginning, Studer has been in the forefront of battery-based systems. Despite the constant evolution of the sector, and the arrival of new competitors, Studer has kept a leading position. All manufacturing is carried out in Switzerland, to the highest quality standards. Serge Remy, Head of Sales, gave PES a look back of over 30 years of history and bringing us right up to the present day.

The pioneer years

Here is the story of a company which started small, in a tiny country called Switzerland.

The man who founded this company in 1987, Roland Studer, had a great idea: to offer high value power electronics to a brand-new market, which then was still in its youth and to offer it beyond the frontier of Switzerland. Of course, it was solar photovoltaic.

The first solar charge controller 200Wp with analog display is born

Only one year after, the first device was improved and got up to to 300Wp, incorporating a digital display.

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