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Upgrade your expectations

Any type of weather can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of PV systems, not least dew and frost. So how can the resistance of monitoring systems to these conditions be improved while ensuring accuracy, speed and data reliability? Dmytro Podolskyy reveals the latest solution from EKO Instruments.

Why worry about dew and frost?

Similar to the effects of ‘soiling’; the accumulation of material on PV panels, usually dust, leaves, or bird droppings; dew and frost can have a negative impact on energy production and optical measurements performed at PV sites and the measured irradiance values of pyranometers by reflecting, blocking or absorbing solar irradiance.

Dew and frost can become a daily problem in certain climates or at certain times of the year. Unlike dust or grime, however, dew and frost dissipate naturally over time, sometimes quite quickly. When the sensors and monitoring systems used to manage solar parks are affected too, it can become difficult to make an accurate assessment, gauge the impact on potential yields or make decisions about cleaning and maintenance.

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