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Monitoring and analytics enhances solar plant performance

Solar plants are adopting digital tools to improve site performance, with mixed success. Traditional asset performance management (APM) tools focus primarily on inverter data and DC-side performance issues but pay very little attention to tracker performance. Most tracker analytics are manual and focus mainly on actual versus expected angle trends. With a lack of detailed tracker data, field teams are forced to troubleshoot issues in the field with limited information. The approach is time-consuming, expensive, and full of guesswork. This case study showcases how SUNOPS helped efficiently identify, diagnose, and resolve tracker performance issues at a 100 MWdc solar plant in the Mountain West Region.

SUNOPS is a cloud-based asset monitoring platform that provides advanced tracker analytics and insights. By aggregating all tracker performance data, it gives users immediate visibility into performance issues. Using the platform, asset managers and other stakeholders can remotely detect and diagnose tracker underperformance, eliminating expensive on-site trial and error troubleshooting and enabling field teams to resolve issues efficiently.

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