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Windward Offshore launches offshore wind service venture with two state-of-the-art CSOV vessels.

The joint venture consortium utilizes maritime expertise to drive the offshore wind energy transition forward.

Windward Offshore, a forward-thinking joint venture consortium which is currently established led by SeaRenergy Group in collaboration with Blue Star Group, Diana Shipping Inc., and SeraVerse GmbH, takes a crucial step in strengthening the offshore wind energy sector. The consortium has ordered two state-of-the-art Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV) from VARD to establish a sturdy basis for its maritime asset services focusing on bolstering the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

With the world’s accelerating transition towards a carbon-neutral economy, offshore wind farms are acknowledged as key players in accomplishing decarbonization objectives. Windward Offshore will play a key role in the energy transition by providing integrated offshore wind service solutions. The CSOVs act as the centerpiece for servicing wind farms during the critical commissioning phase, encapsulating the consortium’s strategy of delivering integrated solutions through a combination of vessels, engineering, maintenance, and operation services.

Due to recent political changes, there is an increasing need for investment in offshore wind infrastructure. While the changes in the political framework have fostered the entry of new developers into the offshore wind market, the investment activities in the Offshore Wind infrastructure are still by far too low.

“The Rickmers family has now decided to -again- actively support the Energy Transition and be a first mover to ensure availability of attractive vessel capacity in 2025 and beyond, when the wind farm projects currently under planning and permitting will be installed and commissioned,”, Clasen Rickmers, Owner of SeaRenergy and The Asian Spirit Steamship Company GmbH & Cie. KG says. “I am proud to be able to manage the transition of our fleet together with the partners in WINDWARD. I am convinced of the potential of this investment and cannot emphasize enough that this strategic move enables us to provide customers and partners with state-of-the-art and future-proof offshore wind tonnage”.

Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde, CEO of SeaRenergy, states: “Our alliance in Windward Offshore, bolstered by VARD’s technical proficiency and the consortium’s maritime mastery combined with SeaRenergy’ s 13 years of providing comprehensive services to the Offshore Wind industry expertise will set a new standard in the provision of offshore wind service tonnage. The CSOVs exemplify our united dedication to sustainable offshore wind infrastructure based on experience and innovation. ”

The endeavor seeks to establish a collection of offshore wind service ships, commencing with the CSOVs, to meet the vast global need for offshore wind energy. Europe, a leader in wind farm installations, aims to elevate its offshore wind capacity currently at 30 GW with an additional 9 GW in development. The official targets of European countries amount to approximately 163 GW by 2030, displaying a significant commitment to advancing the offshore wind sector. The consortium’s strategy aligns perfectly with market dynamics and the urgent need for dependable renewable infrastructure service partners to support these ambitious energy transition goals.

Windward offshore is a critical collaborative effort to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy. “This joint venture aligns with Blue Star Group’s goals and leverages maritime excellence to offer unbeatable offshore wind service solutions,” says Christoph Gleck-Schlich, CEO of Blue Star Group.

“We are excited to announce our entry into a new sector of the shipping industry through a strategic partnership involving the acquisition of two CSOV vessels. We view this investment as another attestation to our commitment for a greener and more sustainable future. Together with our esteemed partners, we embark on an exciting journey that should contribute to a cleaner and more eco-friendly world” stated Semiramis Paliou, Director and CEO of Diana Shipping Inc.

Windward Offshore’s venture represents a collaborative and innovative approach to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in the global energy transition. The consortium, unified by a common vision, is embarking on a journey to establish an integrated offshore wind service company that emphasizes synergy in harnessing each partner’s unique strengths and expertise in the joint venture.

“This venture is a prime investment opportunity in the burgeoning offshore wind sector, showcasing the type of strategic partnerships essential for advancing renewable energy infrastructure,” affirms Philipp Haindl, owner of Serafin and SeraVerse.

The initial CSOV, created specifically for proficient and sustainable support operations for offshore wind farms, is set to be delivered in 2025.These vessels will play a key role in the joint venture’s long-term plan to assist energy companies in establishing and maintaining offshore wind parks, resulting in a stronger and more environmentally friendly energy supply.

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Dr. Benjamin Vordemfelde
Managing Director