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Wind: a storm-proof career option

Wind has a future. Not simply as an energy source, but also a career target. Wind power companies are searching high and low for qualified personnel capable of maintaining, repairing, monitoring and installing their highly-modern wind turbines.


The requirements include having completed occupational training in the fields of mechanical engineering or electrotechnology, expertise in mechanics, hydraulics, plastic processing and installation, English proficiency, occupational experience, flexibility, mobility – and being physically suitable for work at dizzying heights. Nevertheless, market saturation means that personnel require specific qualifications for these jobs. DIS AG has reacted swiftly and flexibly to this challenge. The personnel service provider makes top career opportunities available to applicants via professional support in gaining the required qualifications.

Wind power is booming – hence the need for qualified personnel. The positive image of the environmental sector and the packed order books are ample guarantees of workplaces well-placed to withstand crises.

According to the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. (Federal Association for Wind Power), more than 90,000 people are already employed in the wind power sector in Germany alone, with profits of around 7.6 billion Euros. Furthermore, North Germany is particularly “windy”. Between the North Sea and Brocken alone, around 5,000 wind turbines are currently turning with a capacity of 5,800 MW. The largest expansion is marine-based: by the year 2030, wind power is to be expanded up to 25,000 MW in German territorial waters. Today, Germany’s wind power generators collectively produce 21,000 MW.


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