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When size matters

When Size Matters
Harry Kyogoku, Zephyr Corporation
When it comes to creating renewable energy, the Zephyr Corporation has learnt that size is now more important than ever before. Founded in 1997, the Japanese firm’s success has soared with a continued growth in sales of their Micro Wind Generators and Airdolphin models. With the European market top of their agenda, the corporation’s success shows no signs of slowing down, however, Harry Kyogoku explains why they are interested in selling a little closer to home.


At Zephyr, our aim is to encourage growth within the domestic market and this is looking more and more likely. The private sector accounts for 40% of total sales of Zephyr in Japan, with their attentions steered firmly toward the environment. The public sector, including government and municipalities make up a further 20%, as do schools, and the remaining 20% is bought by customised applications such as: mountain lodges, remote surveillance monitors and emergency use.

Despite having been established for more than 20 years, the small wind generator (SWG) market is still to get off the ground on a global basis. However, as the recent entry of powerful new products in progress in Europe, USA and Japan has shown, the small wind market is now starting to show healthy growth on an annual basis of more than 30%, and it could account for 600 million to 1 billion euros of business by 2015 if certain conditions were

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