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Vos Prodect supplies another major Dutch wind farm by the end of 2022

Vos Prodect is pleased to announce a contract awarded by TKF to supply the low Hang-off systems for the Hollandse Kunst Noord (HKN) offshore wind farm. The delivery of the systems is planned for the end of Q4 2022. The 125 km2 wind park is located 18.5 km out off the coast, near Egmond aan Zee.

The subsidy-free wind farm is developed by CrossWind, a joint venture between Shell and Eneco. By 2023, when CrossWind plans the wind farm to be fully operational, the total installed capacity equates to 759 MW, which is beneficial for at least 3.3 TWh per year. The annual energy production is equivalent to the energy demand to supply over 1,000,000 households and approximately 2.5% of the total Dutch energy demand.

Vos Prodect will supply the low Cable Hang-off system to secure the inter-array cables in the wind turbine. This design has been chosen in close consultation with the cable supplier. Last year, TKF contracted Vos Prodect to supply Cable Hang-off systems for the wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid, which is located approximately 22 kilometers from the Dutch coast, between The Hague and Zandvoort.

‘’The Hang-off systems are, in addition to the 3-core subsea cable, part of the project deliverables (accessories) in the scope of supply of TKF’’ says Matthijn Wielart, project manager of TKF for HKN.

According to Wielart, experience with the Hang-off systems, delivered for previous projects and current ongoing projects (amongst others with HKN), taught us that the Hang-off system, in general, is a product asking for a lot of interface management between all parties involved (Main contractor, Contractor, Subcontractor (TKF) and Sub-Sub contractor (Vos Prodect). ‘’This makes the need for a reliable partner with the required knowledge key in delivering the correct Hang-off system complying with all contract requirements.’’

Warner Meinen, project manager at Vos Prodect for HKN, explains that delivering Hang-offs for a windfarm project requires a high level of communication between the different stakeholders.
Over the last years, offshore wind has become a major source in the energy supply mix, which is essential in order to achieve the energy transition goals in the Netherlands. In the coming years, the ongoing process of sustainability, in which green electricity is generated from wind power, will even increase more.

Wielart adds that they are confident that TKF will be able to deliver the Hang-off systems for project HKN, fulfilling all requirements and needs as was achieved for the projects already installed, with the help of a reliable and knowledgeable partner such as Vos Prodect and they look forward in continuing the business with Vos Prodect.

According to Meinen, bringing a project to a mutual success within the scheduled time frame is always a challenge. ‘’TKF being a long-term customer for Vos Prodect helps to ease up this process. This team effort will also be beneficial for the HKN project and will result in another successful contribution of Vos Prodect to the Dutch energy transition.’’

Vos Prodect will continue to support worldwide both cable manufacturers and cable installation companies and is looking forward to future projects collaborations with TKF.