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State of the market: projects in Kuwait

“The use of alternative energy in Kuwait is important for three reasons: the growing demand for electricity, the high price of oil and the optimal environment for investing in alternative energy as Kuwait is abundant with bright sun and wind,” says Dr. Bader Al Taweel, Chairman of Renewable Energy at Kuwait Engineers Society. And who are we to argue? We take a closer look at this growing, increasingly-valuable, market.

Hydrocarbons remain at the heart of Kuwait’s economy, as they account for more than 90% of the state’s GDP and 80% of government revenues. Oil demands for both export and domestic power uses continue to rise as well, meaning that its uninterrupted production will continue to be a critical consideration for the government in years to come.
However, overreliance on oil is a problem that the majority of governments in the GCC are aiming to mitigate as they turn increasingly to renewable sources of energy for their sustainability and environmentally friendly benefits.
Kuwait attempted its first Renewable Energy Programme in 1975-1988 by installing a number of solar facilities which were neglected when the programme was abandoned due to the expense of materials and operations.


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