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Retrofitting solutions to improve health & safety and maximize returns

In Europe today, it is standard to equip newly built wind turbines with service lifts. These allow technicians easy access to all levels of the tower. Many older turbines do not have this advantage and require operations and maintenance personnel to ladder climb instead. On such wind farms, there are countless soft tissue injuries due to the repetitive motion of climbing. These injuries lead to sick days, reduced motivation and can stress the operation efficiency of the project.

3S Lift offers specialized retrofit solutions for existing turbines that allow technicians to ascend towers more quickly and protect their health against the strain put on the body by climbing. This way, they can reach the top rested and start their work right away.

Over the last 20 years, 3S Lift has become a leading global wind turbine tower internals (WTTI) solution provider. With locations in China, India, Europe and the US, the company supplies a wide range of products to wind turbine manufacturers, tower manufacturers, service providers and wind farm owners across more than 40 countries.

Retrofitting existing wind turbines with these solutions can add considerable value, improving both, health & safety and economic performance. That’s why a number of large developers are currently retrofitting their entire fleet with 3S Lift access equipment. One developer in the US has chosen to install 1,500 Climb Assists into his turbines. Other customers have ordered hundreds of Climb Auto Systems, a groundbreaking 3S Lift innovation that is taking the wind industry by storm.

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