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Quality assessment of wind turbine blades

Morgan Troedsson, Product Manager, FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology is among the leading technological consulting and service providers in Scandinavia as well as internationally. Our target is to sell highly specialized engineering know-how for practical and efficient solutions to the wind energy business area…

The solutions enhance customer competitiveness and are based on the customer and industrial insight that we have acquired over more than 25 years in wind energy. That alone makes FORCE Technology market leader in integrated systems for automated quality inspection on rotor blades.

We are more than 1,200 employees located at the headquarters in Brøndby, with local offices all over Denmark, and through subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Russia, China, Singapore and the US.

Wind turbine industry
FORCE Technology provides a wide range of technological consultancy services and actual technical solutions, with the purpose of optimizing and rendering the wind turbine industry’s productivity more efficient. We are worldwide leaders when it comes to applying the most innovative and effective automated NDT scanner technologies to the wind turbine industry.

Example of the use of our scanner technologies:

• On-site testing of blades and towers
• In-production testing of blades and towers


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