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My vision

In this enlightening interview, Jens Meilvang, Executive Officer Wind Power Division for BBC Chartering, puts forward his personal take on the current state of the industry and looks to the future…

 PES: How did you come to be involved in the transportation of renewable industry products?


Jens Meilvang: It all started with a management decision a few years ago that BBC would like to enter the windmill transportation market.

PES: What are your predictions for the renewables sector?

JM: This sector will grow in leaps and bounds which is obviously good for us, as the more projects there are, the more cargo we have to transport.  Renewable energy is very important not just to produce alternative energy (to that of fossil energy), but this form of energy production is environmentally correct.  

PES: What’s the biggest threat to your industry right now?

JM: The financial and economic chaos that we are experiencing now can become a threat if it should continue into the second quarter of 2009.  However, at this stage, we are riding on a still very positive wave with enough cargoes to carry us through the first quarter of 2009.  


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