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More energy from optimised Permanent Magnet ..

More energy from optimised Permanent Magnet Generator and full-power converter drive train package

The Switch, a Finland-based technology company, has been raising the standard for increased energy production from wind with its special drive train that utilises an optimised Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and full-power converter package.


By selecting this technology as its chosen area of focus, The Switch has been able to capture the power of the wind more effectively and transform it into considerably more energy.

Commitment to the winning technology

In the race to harness the wind, turbine manufacturers have sought an ideal drive train configuration that raises energy production and limits power losses. The Switch committed early-on to the PMG and full-power converter technology as one of the leading pioneers. Based on years of experience, the company was able to transfer its know-how from successful industrial drive applications to the wind power business.

“The Switch Drive not only offers substantially improved costs, but the efficiency of the PMG at partial speed is superior to that of conventional double-fed or squirrel-cage systems. This technology has become the obvious choice for the industry: in some operational points, up to 20% higher partial load efficiency yields more energy from wind turbines using our PMG and full-power converter,” states Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, President and CEO of The Switch. “Another advantage of the Switch Drive is its ability to tune itself to the site and the season.”

The unique Switch Drive allows active power to be extracted from the turbine as well as the reactive power produced to be individually and precisely controlled over the entire operating speed range.


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