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Measuring success

Founded more than 50 years ago as a sub-division of Wavin-Labko Oy, Labkotec Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer and supplier of electronic measuring technology. The company’s expertise is regularly relied upon by both industrial enterprises and municipal utility companies. And increasingly, the wind industry has been relying on its services. We consider the company’s latest offering, the LID-33001P.

Reliable operation, consistent performance, reduced maintenance and improved safety are key drivers for the wind turbine business. Consequently, Labkotec Oy decided to put its latest generation of ice detector, the LID-33001P, through a rigorous independent testing regime to ensure that it would meet the standards of modern wind energy operators.

Labkotec Ice detectors have been specially designed for the detection of ice on the rotor blades and are capable for detecting in-cloud icing and freezing rain. Ice detectors are compact and easy to install and no calibration is needed making them suitable both for old and new wind turbines and are easy to connect to wind turbine control systems via TCP/IP protocol.

Icing status, alarms and parameters can be monitored and adjusted through an in-built web-based user interface. The unit allows for two analogue output signals so that both external temperatures and freezing conditions can be measured.
New features
Event log shows history of various events in chronological order.
Ice detector saves 500 last events of four different type of events:


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