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Logistic synergies in offshore wind projects

Synergies are better than my way or your way. It is an efficient combination and results in our way.

The last years in the offshore wind industry, which is similar to oil and gas, have shown that each project and/or location has its own, individual logistic concept and needs an exclusively chartered vessel or even vessels. To reduce cost and increase efficiency this concept has to be questioned.

Alternative solutions such as vessel pooling or shared logistic runs might be an alternative option to establish. First concepts are on the trial and wind park owners are willing to forward responsibilities to their suppliers having more clients and therefore the possibility to share vessel cost over a few projects.

Looking back to the beginning of offshore wind, specialised vessels were rare and mostly found in the oil and gas industry. The high priced tonnage made it difficult for the wind farm owner to find an economical business plan in other words – the whole industry was pioneering its way through the tangle of the offshore wind jungle.

Subsidised parks were developed and soon became the test areas for all kind of trials. Starting with simple environmental experiments, on site as well as onshore and with different types of foundations, turbines or installation techniques.

During this pioneering time, the wind park owners tried to become vessel owners and operators as well. They soon came to the conclusion that their vessel might not be used in a way that would be economical and sustainable.

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