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APAC Wind Energy Summit Theme Launch: Leading the Global Race to 3xRenewables with Action in the Region

Two industry leaders appointed event ambassadors and will spearhead the development of the conference programme​

2 May 2024, Incheon | ‘Action in APAC: Leading the Global Race to 3xRenewables’ will be the official theme for the APAC Wind Energy Summit 2024, from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

The theme was revealed alongside the announcement of industry leaders Corio Generation and Equinor as Event Ambassadors for the conference. The two companies will help shape an agenda that delivers laser-focused discussions that unlock and accelerate the development of wind energy in the region.

Stewart Mullin, Chief Operating Officer, GWEC, said: “This year’s APAC Wind Energy Summit is focused on action and leadership, so GWEC is honoured to welcome Corio Generation and Equinor as Event Ambassadors to help ensure both themes are at the heart of the Summit.”

“Both companies are committed to leading the way in the energy transition, and ensuring the APAC region is at the heart of it. GWEC will collaborate with them and draw on their industry expertise to shape an impactful conference programme that drives action in wind power deployment in Asia Pacific.”

Woojin Choi, Head of South Korea, Corio Generation, said: “It is a significant milestone for the Korean offshore wind industry to host such an event at a time when offshore wind is being recognised as a golden key in South Korea’s journey towards decarbonisation. The ongoing discussions on how to rapidly supply and expand the local offshore wind market make it even more crucial.”

“Through this event, I hope that the participating countries, organisations, and companies of the Asia Pacific region can play a significant role in achieving the global net-zero targets moving forward.”

Ingunn Svegården, President, Equinor Renewables APAC, said: “With large electricity markets, high decarbonization ambitions, long coastlines and strong supply chains, the APAC region is a very promising place for our industry, and we are pursuing opportunities across several markets to develop this emerging industry together with local partners.

“Collaboration is crucial to succeed with this, and key to collaboration is bringing diverse stakeholders together to learn and discuss industry topics and issues. That is why we are proud to be part of bringing the APAC offshore wind industry together through this event.”

Park Kyung-il, Chairman, KWEIA, said: “As this will be the first time we will co-host a global wind power event in South Korea, it is an excellent opportunity for domestic companies to showcase their innovative technologies on the world stage and forge international partnerships to strengthen the supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region. We envision this event as a catalyst for the growth of the domestic wind industry market, positioning South Korea as the centre of the wind power industry in the region.”

APAC’s Vital Tripling Role

According to GWEC’s Global Wind Report 2024, the APAC region has the world’s largest global wind market share (71%) and delivered 15% year-on-year growth on 2022’s results. The summit’s theme builds on this positive outlook and momentum in Asia Pacific.

More than 120 countries committed at COP28 to triple renewable capacity by 2030, now it is time for action. The APAC Wind Energy Summit is a key forum for making the 3x target a reality by driving action across APAC and ensuring the region leads the way in wind energy deployment.

The APAC Wind Energy Summit will convene industry leaders, policymakers, and institutions to address the challenges faced by wind power development, particularly in the region’s supply chain crunch and market design.

Industry Leadership

GWEC welcomes two wind industry leaders, Corio Generation and Equinor, as the summit’s official Event Ambassadors. The role is reserved for industry leaders with a significant reputation and a history of interaction with APAC governments. GWEC’s Wind Energy Summit’s esteemed Event Ambassadors will play a pivotal role in shaping the summit’s programme and influencing changes that meet the region’s political needs.

Corio Generation is a specialist offshore wind business harnessing renewable energy worldwide. It has one of the world’s largest offshore wind project pipelines, with more than 30 GW in development across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Corio’s project portfolio spans established and emerging markets as well as floating and fixed-foundation technologies.

Equinor is a world-leading offshore operator and an international pioneer in renewables and low-carbon solutions. In APAC, it is pursuing business opportunities in offshore wind development in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Australia.

About the APAC Wind Energy Summit 

This year, GWEC is partnering with the Korea Wind Energy Industry Association (KWEIA) to organise the APAC Wind Energy Summit. The three-day event will be held in Incheon, South Korea, from 26 to 28 November at Songdo ConvensiA.

The summit presents an excellent opportunity for local and international OEMs and supply chain partners to connect with players across the entire value chain. For more information, visit the event’s registration of interest page.

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