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JRE Operations and Envision Digital partner to increase energy production across 90 solar and wind farms in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, July 7, 2023 – JRE Operations, a leading operator of renewable energy assets in Japan, and Envision Digital, the global decarbonization software leader headquartered in Singapore, have signed a framework agreement to deploy remote monitoring and analytics in all of JRE Operations’ solar and wind farms across 90 sites in Japan (See Annex A).

JRE Operations operates nearly 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar, wind, and biomass energy assets, making it one of the largest in the country, while Envision Digital manages over 550 gigawatts of energy assets globally.

Both parties will work together to develop an advanced digital operation model for renewable energy plants. This will aim to accelerate and enhance operational efficiencies by fully utilizing the advanced capabilities of EnOS™ Bazefield – Envision Digital’s renewable energy management platform. This will enable JRE Operations to efficiently increase production from its renewable energy portfolio, and further contribute to Japan’s national goal of reaching its 46 percent emissions reduction target by 2030, as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050.

EnOS™ Bazefield is a best in class renewable assets operation system with a powerful generic real time data engine and customized visualization tool able to transform plants data into actionable information. The scalable and robust system processes data from every renewable asset on customized dashboards and enables alerts, controls, and monitoring over an entire portfolio in a centralized manner. Its analysis engine provides users with powerful capability to get availability details, and a better handle on alarms and events and in-depth power curve analysis.

Mr. Yasuyuki Kaneko, Chief Executive Officer of JRE Operations, said, “We are very pleased to go forward with Envision Digital to the new era following Japan’s feed-in tarrif. We feel confident maximizing the value of our renewable energy assets utilizing this renewable energy management platform.”

Mr. Michael Ding, Global Executive Director of Envision Digital, said, “With Japan aiming for 36-38% of energy to come from renewables by 2030, this project with JRE Operations will contribute to and advance Japan’s net zero journey.”