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InnoVent to implement Nabrawind’s BladeRunner for 3MW turbines

The crane less blade installation and de-installation system will be available for blade maintenance and substitution in France, Sweden and Morocco

The French developer InnoVent will implement Nabrawind’s BladeRunner crane-less blade installation and de-installation system for its 3MW wind turbines. The BladeRunner will specifically carry out manoeuvres for the WWD3, meaning the system will operate blades up to 12 tones and 50 meters long. The agreement between both companies states that the BladeRunner will be operational at the end of this summer.

This arrangement reaffirms InnoVent commitment to the system developed by Nabrawind. In fact, both companies successfully performed the validation manoeuvre of the BladeRunner late last year in a wind farm owned by the French developer in Bignan (France).

Ion Arocena, BladeRunner Program Manager, reveals that this BladeRunner will operate “blades four times heavier” than the manoeuvrer performed in Bignan. In this sense, Arocena highlights the “adaptability” of the BladeRunner to “all the blades of the market”.

For his part, Gregoire Verhaeghe, CEO of Innovent, pointed out the satisfaction with the “independence from the crane availability that BladeRunner will bring in our maintenance and blade replacement maneuvers.”