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Innovative, powerful, different

Transiting the Northeast-Passage, applying a towing kite system, utilising the shark skin effect – three different topics, one common interface: Beluga Shipping GmbH, the project and heavy lift carrier known for great innovative spirit and the philosophy to go off the beaten tracks of commercial shipping.



Three Beluga vessels are the first to commercially sail along the Northern Sea Route in the summer of 2009 cutting down the voyage distance between Asia and Europe. MV ‘Beluga SkySails has crossed the oceans since January 2008 and by using an auxiliary wind propulsion system, saves up to 20 per cent of bunker consumption. Making shipping more efficient also is the goal of the Hai-Tech-project (Hai’ being German for shark), which aims to develop a low-cost system solution based on a reliable process for coating hulls with a shark-skin-like structure.

 Beluga Shipping GmbH was founded back in 1995 by President & CEO Niels Stolberg in Bremen (Germany). The transportation specialist has soon established in a solid niche and now is the world market leader in the project and heavy lift segment (source: Institute for Shipping Economics and Logistics).

 By way of a modern fleet of currently 66 multipurpose heavy lift project carriers with a maximum lifting capacity of combined 700 tons plus an experienced and highly qualified international team of about 500 in-house experts from chartering to transport engineering, Beluga Shipping GmbH stands for safe, efficient, creative and flexible solutions to any transportation challenge.


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