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Finding the right solutions

Transporting wind power components by ship requires a lot of expertise and experience. Employing its own team of experts with many years of specialist knowledge in this arena, shipbroker COLI provides the appropriate tonnage – made-to-measure for all cargo components, including complete wind turbines.

When the ship intended to carry the cargo ties up at the port of loading, the majority of the work done by the COLI team has already been completed, even though the loading procedures are yet to begin. That’s because during the initial bidding phase, the experts of the company’s “Wind Desk” will have already gone through all the important and relevant questions associated with the shipment.

The COLI Wind Desk is a team of employees who specialise in wind power components. The Wind Desk with a focus on European shipments is located in Bremen, and the company also has a Wind Desk in Hamburg that focuses on worldwide shipments. Furthermore, each member of the team concentrates on a particular manufacturer, since products differ even though they belong to the same group of goods.

By setting up these teams of experts many years ago, COLI has responded to the emerging and increasing significance of wind power and the resulting shipping business. Today, its customers are benefiting from this foresight because the specialists take care of the entire process from A-Z, arranging the shipment of wind power components by sea. And with this team, everything is ‘under one roof’, and customers can make use of their own personal contact who is responsible for them, and is available around the clock to keep them continuously informed.

All the necessary details are collected in the bidding phase. It is initially of prime importance to ‘understand’ the cargo components in order to find a suitable vessel for the job. It is essential to take into account the customer’s specifications, the sequence, and the requirements of the goods to be transported. The experts calculate how much space will be needed in order to exploit the vessel’s capacity to best effect, and look for the right type of ship. Then they check which carrier has the appropriate tonnage available.

Constant monitoring and knowledge of the current positions of the ships and their readiness for loading play an important role. As a shipbroker, COLI has many options to chose from when it comes to selecting the appropriate vessel type, thanks to contact with shipping lines established over many years and a precise knowledge of the market (which is a further advantage for the customer).


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