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Extended validation and certification of new generation power converters reduce the cost of energy

As market demand for wind turbines has grown, so too have the demands for quality and performance, in order to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) and demonstrate that the technology is not just a clean solution for electric power generation, it is also a profitable addition to the energy mix. This is especially the case for critical components such as power converters because the performance of the whole turbine depends on them.

The response is focused on increasing the reliability and durability of these components, making wind turbines more economically viable assets. High quality design and extended validation methods of power converters are key to guaranteeing the reliability and durability of the turbines in wind farms facing the toughest operating conditions.

Ingeteam’s new-generation power converters have been validated using the toughest test scenarios and most realistic configurations, to prove in advance that the converter will be properly integrated within the turbine and operate correctly under the most demanding situations.

The market demands continuous performance improvement and regulatory innovations take this factor into account. Ingeteam participates in the committees which issue these requirements and integrates the latest regulatory developments at the design phase of the company’s new generation power conversion solutions.

This method is also applied to the company’s manufacturing plants to comply with all marking requirements. Indeed, the certification of the converter facilitates the certification process for the whole wind turbine.

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