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Dont waste your energy

Don’t waste your energy.
Soren Qvist Vestesen discusses how a Vestesen A/S Danvest Wind Diesel System can slash operational and maintenance costs, maximise output potential and cut down on waste energy, with an easily managed automatic back-up system Based in Denmark, Vestesen.


A/S is one of the world’s leading technology specialists for wind-diesel systems with high wind penetration. Previous and in-hand projects range from 100 to 10,000 kW. With contacts worldwide, the company has full access to the global market, working in remote areas on every continent. In remote areas, electricity is commonly not connected to a grid, meaning power supply can unreliable and very expensive. This is where Vestesen can step in to deliver individually adapted wind-diesel systems to produce inexpensive, high-quality electricity 100% of the time. Under normal circumstances, wind turbines will reduce diesel consumption in such areas by 50-90%.

Wind energy facts.

Wind energy is one of the cleanest and most cost-efficient sources of energy available today, so, in areas of high wind potential, it makes absolute sense to generate energy through wind turbines. A wind year will typically feature around 1,000 hours of calm wind speeds of 0- 5 m/sec, 6,500 hours of moderate 5-10 m/sec wind speeds, around 1,000 hours of 11-14 m/sec wind, 200 hours of 15-25 m/sec, and around 60 hours of inoperably high winds speeds, when turbines have to be stopped.
Optimal utilisation.
Average yearly wind energy output must match average yearly consumer consumption. High wind periods, when surplace energy is likely to be produced, account for only around 2,260 hours. The rest of the time, turbines will achieve optimal wind penetration without the need for energy dumping, and promise an annual fuel saving of up to 90%, depending on wind condition and consumer patterns.

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