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Disruptive outstanding technology

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow globally, the amount of maintenance required grows with it. Wind turbines and solar farms need regular inspections to ensure they are functioning optimally. With all those inspections comes a mountain of data. Data that needs to be sorted, stored, and converted into actionable steps regarding part replacements and ongoing maintenance recommendations. ABJ Drones has a solution: DataVue.

DataVue is ABJ’s solution to the expanding data problem. It is an online repository where all inspection information is stored, annotated, and turned into useful and actionable reports. It uses an intuitive user interface and is location-based, so a company can easily browse through vast quantities of data for assets of all different kinds. While the focus is renewables, DataVue is designed to handle any type of image-based asset inspection, including transmission and distribution lines, building facades, infrared roof scans, construction site progress tracking, stockpile management, site surveying, and more.

How it works

When an asset needs to be inspected, a wind turbine for example, ABJ sends out a licensed drone pilot to capture detailed imagery of the entire structure. That imagery is then uploaded to DataVue and analysed by ABJ’s industry experts. Any and all issues are annotated and classified according to damage type and severity, and recommendations for further actions are included as well.

A final report is prepared according to client specifications and it is delivered along with personal login information to access the DataVue online portal. The portal grants access to everything, including that specific inspection and any other work completed by ABJ for the client. If this is the 50th turbine inspection completed by ABJ, the client can easily access any of the 50 inspections with a few clicks.

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