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Danvest Wind Diesel Systems ..

Danvest Wind Diesel Systems for off-Grid power supply

Words: Soren Qvist Vestesen, DANVEST Energy A/S

With reference to my earlier PES articles from last year, I would like to follow up by discussing a long-term remote adjustment and operation at a commercial wind diesel plant.


Wind power is the cleanest and cheapest energy to utilise, so it must be embraced when wind energy is sufficient for wind turbine production. Danvest Energy is prepared with equipment to meet the challenge.


Danvest Systems reduces annual fuel consumption and Co2 emissions up to 50-85% under maximum utilisation of wind power – high wind penetration.


Wind diesel systems as 0 – 100% back up for wind turbines. Up to 100% power supply with an annual fuel reduction up to 50 – 85% depending of the local wind condition. With use of biofuels, the wind diesel system will be 100% Co2 neutral. Controls weak and isolated off- grid connected to wind turbines – High Wind Penetration.

Danvest Wind / Diesel System (WD) with high wind penetration

The unique property of the Danvest system is that the controlling system is based on utilisation of a normal standard diesel-generator sets – which has to operate at insufficient wind energy or no wind conditions – fitted with Danvest WD equipment for backing up wind turbines from 0-100 % for automatic and continuous power supply .


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