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Competence and knowledge that comes from supervising more than 10 offshore wind farm projects

Advanced Offshore Solutions was established back in 2006 by Kurt E Thomsen, a pioneer in the offshore wind farm installation business. Since then, the Danish company has established a reputation for being a world leader in the design, building and implementation of transport and logistical solutions for the offshore wind industry. PES talks to Mr Thomsen about the company’s ongoing bid to remain a leader in its chosen field …

PES: Welcome back to PES magazine, for the benefit of our readers who might not be familiar with your operation, could you explain a little about the services you offer the wind industry?
Kurt E. Thomsen: Thank you, we deliver three different services – consulting/advising clients on how to tender, set up and execute wind farm installation projects offshore; we project manage offshore wind farm installation projects for the same clients and finally, we design and build installation vessels at the high end of the industry spectre.

PES: Tell us about a couple of the notable wind energy projects that you have been engaged in over the years.
KET: The employees of the company have been involved in installation projects since the start of offshore in 2002 where I designed and built the vessels to install the Horns Rev wind farm. We went on to construct Nysted 1, Scroby Sands, Kentish Flats and other wind farms thereafter. Between us we have the competence and knowledge acquired from more than 10 offshore wind farm projects, a large number of repair jobs, etc. We have been covering both the equipment side as well as project management from early preparation of the work through the final stages of installation. So it is a very experienced group of people working in our company.

PES: What have been the key breakthroughs that have converted wind from a California phenomenon to a robust, North American industry?
KET: First of all, I think the determination to create a viable source of clean renewable energy has been the most remarkable effort of all. The will to create a business out of nothing substantial to a multibillion dollar market worldwide, which by the way, makes a significant difference in our everyday life and helps the planet to become a greener healthier place to live is a great achievement. Politically I would say that the European lead on implementing renewable energy as a major part of the overall energy plan is phenomenal and what this industry needs. This is the part where the US leaders have pointed out the country needs to be and the possible biggest challenge the Obama administration has, after the healthcare reform, is to move the US in the renewable direction.

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