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Automated production solutions for offshore wind tower and foundation manufacturing

Meeting today’s demands

As the sizes of wind turbines grow, towers need to be built bigger and made out of heavier structures. This means increasing heights, diameters and plate thicknesses, which naturally brings more challenges and a headache for the production line.

In order to get the most out of the offshore winds, it is crucial for tower manufacturers to team up with an experienced technology partner that is capable of providing automated heavy fabrication solutions. During the past couple of years, welding and production automation providers have focused on developing advanced applications in order to meet the production demands of offshore foundations and towers.

Today, offshore manufacturers are able to find extensive turnkey solutions that include each essential process, from plate joining and section assembly to implementation and production services.

Enabling efficient plate joining

When working with diameters this big, the challenge of having plates long enough becomes inevitable. Pemamek has gained extensive knowledge, in designing and implementing different types of plate joining lines thanks to 25 years’ experience in numerous shipbuilding projects.

As a result, Pemamek has managed to develop and refine its technologically advanced plate joining solutions for the offshore wind energy sector. For plate joining Pemamek provides conveyor, plate turning, plate manipulation, pre-heating and welding applications that can all be integrated into one solution.

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