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Allspeeds cable cutting and gripper at Global Offshore Wind 2022

Improving the efficiency of cable lay, and cable recovery, is the theme of the Allspeeds stand (no. 254) at Global Offshore Wind 2022 in Manchester. Allspeeds’ Webtool cutters and gripper streamline both cable deployment and recovery, as well as providing emergency cutting contingency. 

Around the globe, the growth in offshore energy has led to wind turbines increasing in size and being positioned further offshore in larger arrays and harsher waters. This has put the efficiency of cable lay operations under scrutiny as never before. Installation contractors must minimise disruption to cable deployment and, where necessary, efficiently recover damaged cable. 

Cable Deployment and Planned Cutting 

Heavy-duty Webtool HCV220 and HCV330 cutters can be used either deck mounted or deployed subsea mounted on a ROV. As a deck mounted cutter, they can be used for planned production cutting of cable up to 330 mm diameter. Unlike other cutting methods where there is a risk of the cable flexing during cutting and either trapping or snapping the blade, closing the guillotine’s anvil locks the cable in position ensuring the cut is completed successfully.

Controlled Cable Recovery

Developed in consultation with international certification body and classification society, DNV, the Webtool CRT200 Cable Retrieval Tool provides a quicker and safer controlled recovery of damaged cable. Fabricated from corrosion resistant materials, the Webtool cable gripper weighs approx. 500 kg and has a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes.

Emergency Cutters

In addition to cutters for cables up to 330 mm diameter, Allspeeds also offers a range of emergency cutters designed to provide a rapid cutting of cable, umbilical, steel wire or fibre ropes should the need arise.

For example, during cable lay, the cutter can be mounted on the stern of the vessel with cable passing through it. In the event of a problem with the cable reeler that puts the vessel at risk, the cutter can be activated immediately, severing the cable and releasing the ship.