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A real and virtual show: a true hybrid

Wind Energy Asia took place in real and virtual format: a true hybrid unfolded in only months! Another great event in a difficult environment. Robert Campbell, Executive Vice President at Wind Energy Asia, reviews the show for PES.

After a great show in March 2020, with the pandemic taking off worldwide, but well under control in Taiwan, we expected that by March 2021 the world would be back to normal. Sometime around September it was clear that this would not be the case. Taiwan’s 14-day quarantine for all incoming visitors, did not seem like budging and to get foreign companies to exhibit and visitors to plan on coming, was not working. We needed a virtual complement to the real show.

After an intense search of alternatives, we decided on a partner who could provide a solution. It turned out to be a true hybrid. It gave participants who were not able to be in Kaohsiung in person, the feeling of being in the hall and the ability to communicate in a typical exhibition format: meet people by chance to talk and share presentations and ideas/solutions.

Our strategy was twofold: for exhibitors
and visitors.

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