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A quick response to global customers

PES last spoke to Emerson Network Power’s Jeky Li Gang (International Sales Manager, Department Of Wind Power Product) in 2009, just after the company had posted a record trading year. We caught up with him once more to find out how the Chinese company has evolved and to discover what they’ve planned for the coming 12 months.

PES: Welcome back to PES. For the benefit of new readers perhaps unfamiliar with your company, could you briefly outline your contribution to the wind industry?
Jeky Li Gang: Well, Emerson is a company who always focus on green energy and Emerson is the first China-based manufacturer to supply these converters, and we are working with three of the nation’s largest wind turbine companies.

With global installed wind power expected to increase at an average annual rate of 20 percent over the next five years, there is a great opportunity to collaborate across Emerson businesses to provide additional green energy solutions. In 2010, we expect to supply more than 1500M capability converter products to the rapidly-growing Chinese market.

PES: To what extent does the wind industry contribute towards your overall business? Is this sector of your business growing?
JLG: The Copenhagen climate change conference was an important event in 2009, and the entire world now regards renewable energy as an important energy – one that should be developed. Even though the economic crisis was still bad in 2009, we got huge order in the past year and have further developed our business .We have made some major progress, in particular, in Asian and American regions.

PES: Last time we spoke, your company was preparing to penetrate US and Asia Pacific markets. What has been the response?
JLG: Right now we have successfully finished our local wind power offices layout which covers Asia, America and Europe. These regions are mainly wind power developed areas .That means we will supply a quick response to our customers in the world. And we can supply the work to them as the local vendors.

We were on the process to many projects already and hopefully we can finish some batches of converters grid connection work in this year. There is a bright future for us.

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