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GoodWe Urges Businesses to Plan Ahead for Solar Following Government’s New Energy Strategy

With the UK government’s release of its new renewable energy strategy, GoodWe, a world leader in photovoltaic (PV) technology, has urged businesses to seek expert advice on their solar investments when specifying a system.

Energy costs are at their highest in well over a decade, and are predicted to increase even more, prompting many businesses to attempt to protect themselves against these rising costs by switching to a solar power supply. Demand for solar is likely to increase dramatically following the government’s recent announcement of tax cuts for solar installations.

The government’s plan would see the UK’s solar capacity multiplied by five and, to achieve this, planning laws are to be relaxed to allow for more solar installations.

However, renewable energy, while offering a cost-effective alternative go grid power, can be complicated, and missteps during initial considerations or installation can lead to expensive problems later. 

Eugene Lucarelli, head of marketing at GoodWe, said, “As important as it is for business to make the switch to solar, the process should not be undertaken lightly. Consultation with a specialist is crucial to a successful solar installation.”

Solar energy is swiftly becoming an essential element for many businesses as fuel prices skyrocket. At 18.8%, 12-month inflation rates for electricity are at their highest level since 2009, according to the Office for National Statistics.

“Safeguarding against the energy crisis and future cost increases involves having a solar array with a compatible inverter and battery,” says Eugene. “Businesses will need their current energy closely monitored so that each component of the solar system can be matched to their needs, and likely changes anticipated and accounted for. Equally, whilst battery is not always required initially, it is important that the installation has the capability to be paired with a battery in the future.”

Recently, ADS Laser Cutting in Leicester installed a solar system, choosing GoodWe’s HT inverters for their high efficiency and small size. 

Of the installation, Lucarelli said: “The HT inverter is designed to be economical in terms of size and savings. ADS Laser Cutting has made a decision to futureproof themselves against inevitable energy price increases with solar technology.”

“A solar system is not a one-size-fits-all product that can be picked up off the shelf; there needs to be careful consideration of requirements, probable changes to energy needs, and expert installation.”

To learn more about how to use solar to offset rising energy costs, visit GoodWe.com.