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Delta to Showcase New High-Power M250HV Solar Inverters and High-Efficiency Flex Series 3-Phase Inverters at Intersolar 2021

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, will be exhibiting its new solar photovoltaic inverters at Intersolar 2021 in Munich from October 6–8. The highlight of the booth includes the brand new M250HV, with input voltages from 550 to 1500 VDC specially designed for large ground-mounted PV plants; and the new Flex series with four new inverters: M15A, M20A, M30A, M50A, which are highly reliable and compatible to fulfill various application requirements ranging from residential to commercial.

M250HV – The perfect choice for super-large ground-mounted PV plants
The new 250 kW string inverter with input voltages from 550 to 1500 VDC is specially designed for huge ground-mounted PV plants in the upper megawatt range. Up to 30 DC strings can be connected to its 12 MPP trackers. The spacious AC connection box is designed to make the handling of the heavy AC cable as easy as possible. “Our extensive experience in the field of inverters for utility-scale photovoltaic systems has gone into the development of the M250HV,” says Andreas Hoischen, senior director of Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit at Delta Electronics EMEA region. “The result is a compact, easy-to-install and low- maintenance inverter that operates reliably even under the harshest environmental conditions.” Additional features such as Anti-PID and Pro-EL (Electroluminescence) functionality to detect problems with PV modules help EPCs keep their PV systems operating at the highest levels.

Full range of Flex series three-phase inverters for various applications

The Flex series are extended by four new three-phase inverters: M15A, M20A, M30A, M50A. The new inverters are an extension to the Flex series, with their design concept inherited from the M70A Flex, making the whole series highly reliable and compatible. The M50A is a technological twin of the M70A, which makes it easy to integrate both inverters into large rooftop installations. Other important features includes 6 MPP trackers for up to 12 DC strings for the M50A, optional DC SPD Type 1+2 and ground mounting as well as wide input voltage range and more.
The M15A, M20A, M30A Flex inverters feature a AC-plug solution for fast installation, Wi-Fi connectivity for easy integration into a WLAN, and three MPP trackers for more flexibility in the design of the PV array. These features make them the ideal choice for residential and small commercial PV plant applications.

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