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WAVELABS introduces award winning solar cell metrology systems for research and production lines

The Leipzig-based technology company for LED Metrology Systems, WAVELABS, is releasing a new generation of high-precision, future-proof solar cell flashers. SINUS-360 PRO and SINUS-360 ADVANCED address the specific requirements for modern production lines and research facilities, respectively, to give customers a head-start in the throughput-driven photovoltaics industry and new cell technology developments. The next-generation solar simulator SINUS-360 ADVANCED has won this year’s Intersolar Award in Munich, Germany, where the product line is also launched.

Leipzig, Germany, June 14, 2023 – The Leipzig-based award-winning developer and producer of LED-based solar simulators, WAVELABS, has been pushing the boundaries of established flasher technology since 2011. Introducing the more efficient, powerful and stable LED technology to the flasher system market, the company has built a community of trusting customers in more than 30 countries.

“The SINUS-360 product line is the state-of-the-art technology and lessons learned from 12 years of development, more than 800 systems in the field and continuous customer feedback. We have developed SINUS-360 PRO and SINUS-360 ADVANCED specifically with the different requirements from production environments and research facilities in mind,” explains Nikita Melnichak, project lead for the SINUS-360 product line. Both products feature WAVELABS’ next generation LED-based light engine that guarantees high precision, short- and long-term stability and high flexibility of the emitted solar spectra. The next-generation solar cell flashers are designed as modular systems to enable easy upgrading with additional features such as a rear-side flasher, cut-cell measurement as well as inline-capable EL and IR cameras. Additionally, the illumination area was increased to 260x260mm2, following the trend to larger solar cells and cut-cell classification.

SINUS-360 PRO with 19 individually controlled LED channels focuses on high throughput and low maintenance as well as easy integration and low cost of ownership in production environments. It features a slim design that can be integrated into any existing production line. The patented RapidWAVE®-IV feature enables the accurate IV characterization of high-efficiency cells like HJT, PERC+ and TopCon within leading 30ms. A built-in spectrometer, monitor cell and automated calibration routine ensure stable intensity and spectral composition, and allow for a fast spectrum adjustment without production downtime. In addition, the powerful connected embedded WAVELABS Flashboard software enables big data analyses to pinpoint root causes for cell efficiency losses and calculate optimum parameter settings for closed-loop process improvements.

SINUS-360 ADVANCED with 27 individually controlled LED channels is optimized for research and development, especially of perovskite-silicon tandem (PST) cells. The flasher provides numerous advanced features such as continuous illumination and user-controlled spectrum variation during illumination. “This gives us the greatest possible freedom in adjusting the spectral distribution of the solar simulator,” states Dr. Karsten Bothe, head of the solar cell calibration laboratory (CalTec) at the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH), where a prototype of the system has been operative since 2022. “Moreover, we are already prepared for measurements of tandem solar cells, which will become increasingly important in the future and whose measurement requires an adjustment of the irradiance of the individual sub-cells.” Additionally, functions such as quantum efficiency measurements, RapidWAVE®-IV and maximum power point tracking are available. The innovative solar cell metrology system impressed the independent jury of the Intersolar panel which declared SINUS-360 ADVANCED winner of the Intersolar Award 2023.

The next-generation solar simulators SINUS-360 PRO and SINUS-360 ADVANCED follow WAVELABS’ mission to provide powerful and versatile high-precision, low-maintenance flasher systems to both production line operators and researchers. For their unrelenting work, WAVELABS was awarded the prestigious ZIM Award for innovations by SMEs in Germany in 2022.

WAVELABS launches its award-winning solar cell metrology system SINUS-360 ADVANCED alongside SINUS-360 PRO and their next generation module flasher systems at booth A2.710 at Intersolar Europe 2023 from June 14–16 in Munich, Germany.