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Testing PV cells

Testing PV cells

WACOM is a light source and lighting device specialist and one of the world’s leading solar simulator manufacturers.

WACOM’s Lighting Device Division has provided Solar Simulator and I-V Measurement Systems for more than 20 years to almost all Japan’s PV makers as well as many of the main PV research institutions in Europe. The company has developed cutting-edge technology by responding to these high-profile customers’ requirements. WACOM has also been awarded ISO9001 Certificate Registration.


The Solar Simulator radiates artificial light that is similar to sunshine. Applying this artificial light to PV cells and other samples, means the solar cells can be easily evaluated and measured. The WACOM system uses an air cooling xenon lamp as a light source, which radiates light that is very similar to sunlight by using a special optical filter, meaning the light is uniform. This device is highly reliable with a 20-year performance.

WACOM has a wide range of products from small to large irradiation, from PV cell applications to PV modules, including Continuous Light Solar Simulator for PV cells from 50mm x 50mm to 450mm x 450mm and Long Pulse (80-800msec) Solar Simulator for PV modules up to 1.6m x 1.2m irradiation area.

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