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STANGL & SINGULUS – a strong player in solar technology

The coming together of two German hi-tech companies in August of 2007 resulted in a synergy that can only benefit the ever–expanding photovoltaics industry as a whole. Han–Juergen Stangl outlines the expertise of both companies and explains how they will operate for mutual gain in the solar technology market.

In an ever–competitive environment, SINGULUS Technologies realised immediate market access with the acquisition of STANGL Semiconductor Equipment AG, based in Eichenau near Munich.


STANGL generates more than 80 per cent of its sales with equipment for the solar industry and is therefore a globally leading supplier of machines for wet–chemical processes. STANGL operates in two areas: the silicon solar technology and the thin–film solar technology.

STANGL and SINGULUS will consistently expand their solar activities. Both companies perfectly complement each other in order to be able to offer a broad product range of machines and equipment for the photovoltaics industry in the next couple of years.

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