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Solutions for a brighter future

Solayer reduces deposition costs in TF PV production with its redesigned magnetron SOL.MAG and improved film quality with extended homogeneous coating width. PES investigates…

The tough economic situation within the thin-film PV industry, but in general within the photovoltaic panel production sector, is constantly pushing manufacturers to reduce costs while trying to improve the quality of the product. This is of course a huge benefit for the end-user as well as for the whole industry.

Solayer, as a technology company, as an equipment manufacturer and as a key vendor across the supply chain for components critical to the sputtering process, has made big steps in offering solutions to cut costs and has achieved a certain success, not only in its advanced lab but also by permanently listening and closely working with their customers.

While continuing to work on developing new processes for different technologies, and while offering state-of-the-art equipment and components to its business partners and customers for both design-specific and standard PVD coating applications, Solayer past month’s efforts to completely redesign the magnetron for PVD sputtering have borne fruit.

Solayer’s proprietary design magnetron SOL.MAG, with lab and field proven results, offers a series of benefits to PV panel manufacturers for reducing their
production costs.


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