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Solis Powers Up with New Storage and Inverter Solutions for Residential, C&I and Utility Projects

Solis showcases its growing range of innovative inverter solutions at Intersolar Europe, 13th-14th June
13 June, 2023, Munich, Germany: Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, one of the most experienced and largest inverter producers in the world, is presenting and showcasing its latest inverter solutions for residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) and utility-scale solar applications at the Intersolar Europe conference in Munich on 13th-14th June.

Products on show at Intersolar Europe include: the Solis 600W Mini inverter series, designed specifically for the German market; their latest innovation for C&I scale energy storage, the Solis S6-EH3P(29.9-50)K-H series; and the recently launched 6th generation S6 and S6 Advanced Hybrid storage inverters, for residential applications. The Solis 215-255K-EHV-5G series for utility-scale implementations will also be on display.

For residential applications, S6 inverters connect solar panels to a low-voltage battery. The inverter manages solar energy during the day, analysing production against demand in real time. It can, therefore, distribute electricity both for immediate use in the home and to charge the battery for later use – either during the night or during peak periods. The S6 Advanced Hybrid energy storage inverter is designed for residential and C&I PV energy storage systems and supports multiple parallel machines to form single-phase or three-phase systems. Solis’ new Mini series, for instance, the S6-GR1P(2.5-6)K-S 6th generation single phase inverter, was designed especially for smaller balcony PV installations; offering both ease of operation and a smart maintenance system.

The Solis S6-EH3P(29.9-50)K-H energy storage series is enhanced with a highly integrated li-ion battery, battery management system, energy export control system and DC/AC bidirectional converter in one unit. Meeting the demand for 1200kWh energy storage applications, this series can be widely used in manufacturing facilities, charging stations, commercial buildings and other usage scenarios; providing functional services such as peak load shifting, power expansion, and backup power supply.

The 215-255K-EHV-5G three-phase string inverters are targeted at utility-scale projects; representing a relatively new European market for Solis. They are designed to maximise PV power plant yields from high-performance, large-area solar panels – including bifacial types – while significantly reducing LCOE compared to central inverters.

With the S6 series Solis is hoping for success in the Intersolar award for the most innovative idea and technology in the photovoltaics sector: putting innovation at the very core of the conference and equipping energy transition professionals with game-changing solutions for their projects.

Claire Gardner, Marketing Manager at Solis said, “Intersolar is an important conference for the European solar industry. My colleagues look forward to presenting our latest products and continuing the conversations we have been enjoying at multiple events around the world this Spring. It has been great to hear positive feedback, especially about the S6 energy storage inverters, and share upcoming enhancements. The issue of product availability for larger hybrid inverters’ has been raised repeatedly and is an excellent example of how speaking directly to our customers at events like this can help us bring the right solution to the market.”

As a part of Intersolar, Solis also supports the Women in Solar Europe initiative, which covers topics of industry leadership, career development and inclusive working culture.

Claire continues: “Different networks and organisations coordinate women in renewable energy, but the only focus on women in the solar energy sector is WISE which has no presence in Europe. WiSEu comes to fill the gaps and aims to become the collaborative network of reference for women in the solar energy industry in Europe.”

Benefitting from the scale and pricing of a global manufacturer, Solis operates at a local level to offer strong product availability, adaptation and service support for its comprehensive, highly-rated range of inverter products. The company’s 500+ R&D team, and 40% year-on-year increase in R&D capacity, ensures that products are future-proof, working to maximise product lifespans and minimise the risk of obsolescence.