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Silicon. Solar. Sustainability

Silicon. Solar. Sustainability.

Solar energy – is it a sound business proposition? This question has been asked for decades by business leaders. At Dow Corning, we believe the answer is a resounding “yes,” and we are committed to helping solar energy become an accessible, economically viable and self-sustaining energy alternative around the world.


Dow Corning has a unique “from sand to sun*” position as the only supplier to the PV industry to be fully integrated on the silicon-based material value chain – from the basic building blocks of silicon feedstock used to make ingots and wafers, to sealing materials used to assemble solar modules.

“We are using our unique position of providing solar solutions from sand to sun to accelerate the journey to making solar energy a sustainable, viable energy alternative. Our commitment to solar energy is a prime example of our commitment to sustainable development.” says Marie Eckstein, Vice President and General Manager of Dow Corning’s Advanced Technologies and Ventures Business.

“We are using our in-depth knowledge of the ‘silicon chemistry set’ to drive toward grid parity so that solar-generated electricity can serve diverse regions – from outlying areas that are currently off the electrical grid to urban centres. Solar energy meets all the fundamentals of sustainable development. It’s good for people and communities. It makes sound environmental sense.

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