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SENEC and Meyer Burger put together special

The current discussion about strengthening Europe as a location for the production of energy transition technologies is being followed up by the two cleantech companies Meyer Burger Technology AG and SENEC GmbH. Marking the start of a special sales cooperation, the new “Germany Bundle” consists of high-performance solar modules from Meyer Burger manufactured in Saxony, Germany, and the SENEC home storage system, also developed in Saxony, Germany. Interested homeowners who also place their focus on domestic value chains will be able to purchase the bundle from SENEC’s distribution partners from August 1, 2023.

“During our joint rounds of talks, we found that we share a number of values and views with regard to shaping the future together,” says Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger. “Our joint project is an important element of the energy transition and sustainably strengthens Germany as an industry location. For Meyer Burger, the collaboration with the EnBW subsidiary SENEC is the first cooperation with a system provider.”

“At the heart of the cooperation with Meyer Burger is the entrepreneurial desire to realize and maintain as many steps of the value chains as possible in Germany or Europe,” adds Aurélie Alemany, CEO of SENEC. As early as 2025, according to the German government’s PV strategy, 11 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity are to be added annually across the country’s roofs. This would require many more projects similar to the one between Meyer Burger and SENEC, which combines high-yield heterojunction solar modules with efficient home storage.

The installation of modules and home storage systems is provided by SENEC’s network of distribution partners, which also has strong regional roots and includes more than 1,200 competent businesses of all sizes. “By expanding our product portfolio and including Meyer Burger modules, we are responding to a demand for regional package offers, which both distribution partners and end customers keep asking us about,” explains SENEC CSO Christian Haferkamp.

The “Germany Bundle” of solar modules and a storage system can be purchased from SENEC partners from August 1, 2023. This package now includes Meyer Burger modules – the only European PV modules including 100 percent solar cells produced in Germany. In addition to modern storage systems, SENEC offers a 360-degree complete package for the energy transition at home, including the necessary and perfectly coordinated components from photovoltaic systems and storage units to wallboxes and heat pumps to electricity tariffs and the PowerPilot home energy management system.