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Secure your site with temporary camera surveillance

Kooi Security was founded in 2010 by CEO Pieter Kooi. From their headquarters in Drachten, the Netherlands, the company was one of the first to offer solutions using temporary mobile camera surveillance. In the beginning the focus was mainly on the wind industry, but this soon expanded into many other sectors. Today Kooi is active in 22 European countries and has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Austria. 150 employees work in these offices 24/7 to keep sites safe and make sure customers can rest assured.

European expansion is one of the goals set by Kooi. In May 2021 they opened a new office near Vienna in Austria, to be closer to the Eastern European market. Added to this, the possibility of opening an office near Madrid, Spain is currently being explored. This is to expand their business in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

Active in different sectors

The company serves a wide variety of sectors, namely: solar, wind, infrastructure, construction, waste and recycling and site/automobile storage. ‘For us solar becomes more and more important. We see a growth in the number of solar installations being built, because of the European green energy goals. Therefore, the need to secure these parks is also growing,’ says Almar Kleefstra, sales manager Solar at Kooi. ‘The fact that we have dedicated sales people for the solar industry shows the importance of this industry to us. We even have a system, the UFO (Unit For Observation) Medium, which is specifically designed to secure the perimeter of the solar parks.’

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