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PVH set to power Egypt with 230MW of solar energy

Dubai, October 26th PV Hardware (PVH), a global leader in innovative solar tracking and energy management solutions, is delighted to announce a significant expansion of its presence in Africa with a groundbreaking project set to revolutionize Egypt’s renewable energy landscape. PVH is currently supplying the Kom Ombo project, a 230 MW solar plant that will provide clean and sustainable energy to the Egyptian people, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

PVH’s collaboration with CEEC-ZTPC in this transformative solar project reflects its commitment to advancing renewable energy in the MENA region, an area with immense potential for clean energy generation. PVH brings its cutting-edge solar tracking and energy management solutions to this project, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency.

The 200MW project is being developed by ACWA Power with strong support from CEEC-ZTPC, which has ensured the success of the project after overcoming the initial challenges and unforeseen project delays. Foreign investments in utility-scale projects like this one will play a pivotal role in helping Egypt achieve its renewable energy targets.

“This project is very special for us, as it brings more strength to our portfolio in Egypt and emphasizes the efforts we can achieve while working together to face challenges” says Alvaro Casado, Global Commercial Director at PVH. “We are thrilled to be supplying this project with great partners like CEEC-ZTPC and ACWA who have shared their unwavering support throughout the project execution and planning”.

Egypt has made substantial strides in its renewable energy sector, notably with the 1.8GW Benban solar project, which is also equipped with PVH trackers and that has been operational since 2019. The Kom Ombo solar plant aligns with Egypt’s ambitious clean energy goals to meet 42% of its electricity demand with renewable sources by 2035 and 60% by 2040.

PVH’s commitment to the global efforts to diversify energy sources and reduce carbon emissions underscores its dedication to a global scale of sustainable energy solutions and its drive to power a brighter future in Africa. The project is expected to commence operations in 2024 and will generate enough clean energy to power 130 thousand households in Egypt, reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating its environmental impact.

PVH has a rich history of providing innovative solar tracking and energy management solutions to projects worldwide. This partnership marks another significant step forward in the company’s mission to shape a more sustainable world through cutting-edge technology. With this venture, PVH aims to contribute to Egypt’s renewable energy transition and support the nation’s commitment to cleaner and more efficient power generation.