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Power up in all weathers

Maria Stefanidou, Sales Director at Mounting Systems, gave PES Solar an interesting insight into the importance of racking systems. Just outside of Berlin, this German manufacturer supplies a whole range of products to our industry. The latest is for solar car ports.
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PES: Hi Maria, its a pleasure to welcome you to PES. To start us off, would you like
to give us a brief overview of Mounting Systems?

Maria Stefanidou: Mounting Systems is the only racking system manufacturer in Germany. Our production site is in Rangsdorf, 30 minutes outside Berlin, where we produce a whole range of products for pitched and flat roofs as well as ground mount including solar carports.

Manufacturing products in-house means we are in full control of the system and the product: from the raw material all the way
to the delivery to the customer.

Being a large manufacturer, we also make parts for many other brands all over the world, giving us a unique way into many markets. We are selling our products with
our Mounting Systems brand, as well as private label.

PES: We know that sustainable policies are becoming more of a requirement for businesses and cities want to become greener, we wondered what effect this has had on your solutions?

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