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Optimum connectivity

With growth in the photovoltaic industry gathering speed, new players are claiming their stake in the market. And the only way to keep ahead of the game, says Max Göldi, Industrial Product Unit Manager for Huber+Suhner, is to offer faultless performance, value for money and unbeatable customer care.


PES: Can you explain a little about your company and what you offer the renewable energy industry?

Max Göldi: The Huber+Suhner Group is a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity to the communications, transport and industrial markets. One of our core competences is material, connector and cable technology.

More than 20 years ago Huber+Suhner developed the first cable for PV solar installations. Thanks to its high quality and long-term performance, RADOX became a widely respected brand name. Today, we offer high-quality module-to-inverter connectivity solutions. By using junction boxes, cables and connectors we can ensure smooth and reliable performance for the complete life.

PES: How do your products assist the photovoltaic sector?

MG: We help to ensure the faultless on installed PV systems, due to an extended, maintenance-free service life.

PES: How much does the solar power sector contribute to your overall business, and can you see it making up for a larger share in the future?

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