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On top of the roof

Traditional, heavy roof top PV panels can cause damage to both the roof and membrane. Andreas Zimmerer, Managing Director, Soltop EU, introduces PES to a light, quick fit alternative.

We, at Soltop, specialise in roof top solutions; our main business is flat roof mounting systems and integrated fall protection systems. Unlike most of our competitors we use a continuous 230 mm wide floor profile. Our focus is to provide the best possible load distribution in order to protect the roof membrane. After all, the most expensive system is always the one that damages the roof!

Our systems provide a reliable basis for high-yield generation of solar power. We use the Duraklick mounting system, which is a light, self-supporting flat-roof mounting system for large photovoltaic systems on industrial and commercial buildings. It is a click system and so very simple, very quick and light.

Beside our Duraklick mounting system 
for flat roofs, we have the two systems for pitched roofs Duramont and Duravent / Electra. These provide a very aesthetic, roof-integrated solution.

The spoiler system is in lightweight aluminium. It was designed especially to meet the requirements of large, on-roof systems. It is of very high quality and can be installed quickly and easily without 
roof penetration. It was approved by the DIBT (Deutsches Institut fúr Bautechnik) 
in March 2014.


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